Provide your team with Healthy Alternatives in the workplace. Everything you need and more to get the most out of your day.

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Choose from our large range of Fresh Ready-Made Meals, Alkaline Water and Raw Nuts delivered straight to your door.

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‘The RealFood Vending machine has been a welcome addition to our staff kitchen over the past year and a half. The ready-to-go meals are vibrant and healthy, and the menu variety each week keeps us on our toes. It’s a convenient and tasty choice for when you’re in the thick of your workload and need food ASAP!’

Approved & Certified to the Healthy Eating Advisory Services Healthy Choices Guidelines. This is only the beginning for us to be Providing Better Choices in Workplaces around Australia.

All our foods have your health and wellbeing in mind. Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious & well balanced foods wherever you are. When you are on the go it’s sometimes difficult to make good choices. With this in mind, we thought why not bring the choices to you and make the decision of choosing the healthier alternative an even simpler and stress free process. 

With 100% Australian Grown Products, cooked right here in Melbourne our Real Meals are unbeatable, its a promise from us to you that we will always maintain the high standard and quality that you deserve. We are free of any additives or preservatives that can affect your health and wellbeing. We are proud to know that all our foods are produced with the utmost care for your body.


Being on the go is no longer an excuse for not making the right food choices. We bring the healthy choices to you. Many locations are now enjoying the convenience of being able to provide great food choices, at great prices without interrupting your productive days. Our entire Real Range is NOW available in Online Store and also at many IGA and Food Works store around Melbourne. 

Create a healthy environment & Get a RealFood Vending Machine for your workplace