All our foods have your health and wellbeing in mind. Our goal is to provide healthy, nutritious & well balanced foods wherever you are. When you are on the go it’s sometimes difficult to make good choices. With this in mind, we thought why not bring the choices to you and your workplace.

With Only Australian Grown Products used in all our of Real Meals, its a promise from us to you that we will always maintain the high standard and quality that you expect. We are free of any additives or preservatives that can affect your health and wellbeing. We are proud to know that all our foods are produced with the utmost care for your body.

Being on the go is no longer an excuse for not making the right food choices. We bring the healthy choices to you. Many locations are now enjoying the convenience of being able to provide great food choices, at great prices without interrupting your productive days. With our online store up and running you can have the best of best worlds and always have a solution. 

The Real Range is Now Available Online!


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