Healthy, Fresh and Convenient Alternatives

We all want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, stay fit and feel good but sometimes life gets busy.

One thing leads to another and the most important aspect in our life, our Health, is pushed aside. Sound familiar?

We at Real Food Vending get that. And we have your solution.


To provide and create an environment that puts Health and Wellness back to the forefront of our daily lives.
We seek to educate and positively influence meal choices and the direct relationship it has to your everyday performance.

But first, a little about us and why we do what we do.


In his early years, our director ​Jamie Totino started out as a humble tradesman. He worked full days out in the field from sunrise too late in the day, only stopping for lunch as most do.
Through his immense grit and drive, Jamie was quickly promoted to ​a foreman​ where he excelled as a leader and role model to his team. Day in and day out, he observed how the men would scarf their meat pies and barely muster enough energy to power through the rest of the day. “Surely there must be better options?” he thought.
Although Jamie did his best to encourage his team to opt for better, healthier meal choices, he always lost out to the easy decision of sausage rolls steaming in the oven at a nearby bakery.

Finally one day, Jamie had a lightbulb moment. “What if I bring healthy takeaway alternatives to​ them​ and make it convenient, quick and affordable?” And thus Real Food Vending was born.
With its mission to provide low cost, chef-created, healthy and delicious meals to every type of weekday warrior – whether it’s the fuel-seeking tradie looking for a hearty meal or the high-powered marketing executive needing a quick energising bite before a pitch meeting. Real Food for Real People!

What began as a Real Food meal delivery service quickly evolved into a vending machine franchise and movement. Now with over ​10​ machines in Victoria, each with engaging interactive digital screens to dispense healthy, mouth-watering meals with just a tap, Real Food Vending is continuously expanding throughout Australia. Next stop: Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth.

#GetReal with us. Join the Real Food Movement.