Healthy, Fresh and Convenient Alternatives

We all want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, stay fit, be active but sometimes life is busy,
one thing leads to another and the most important aspect in life, our Health is pushed side.
That has been the driving force behind RealFood Vending from day one.
Providing and creating an environment that doesn’t allow this to happen.
Educating and making people more aware of their eating decision and the direct relationship it has to your everyday performance.

So… Why choose us?

A RealFood Vending machine is not just another vending machine. Not only have you never seen a vending machine with products like this but the life changing experience of having healthy, fresh and sustainable options on demand is what will create that positive change in your workplace.

We have now taken it one step further and decided to start releasing our own product line.

Real Meals – Real Water – Real Nuts are 3 of the new products we have taken full control of to ensure of customers and clients are getting the best possible service and products that they deserve. We have carefully created and selected each one of the Real Range products, not leaving it to chance or leaving the door open to allow any drop in quality or customer experience. 

With some super cool and exciting new products coming soon, we’ll be sure to keep you update as we get close to launch.

A Message from the Director!

Building RealFood Vending from scratch has been an amazing experience. There has been many times when I felt like giving up but the vision of impacting hundreds and thousands of people around Australia made it impossible to quit.

Being in the construction industry for nearly 10 years now and only recently getting into the fitness industry, I know how hard it can be at times to find healthy and clean eating options.
This is what led me to creating RealFood Vending, the easiest and most time efficient way to live a healthy lifestyle no matter what your goals are.
I now know we have a solution for every situation of the day. In to the future every workplace, Office space, University, Gym, Hospital, Shopping Center, Airport, Construction Site, Petrol Station will have a RealFood Vending machine which will leave no excuses for everyone to eat healthy and feel the benefits of a well fuelled body.

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