Why do you need a Real Food Vending machine?

The real question is: How much do you value the Health and Wellness of your team?

Higher productivity, a more balanced lifestyle and a positive shift in attitude, presence, environment are just some of the noticeable changes our clients see after setting up a Real Food Vending machine in their workplace.

Healthy, Fresh, Convenient Alternatives. At your fingertips.

With over 70 individual chef-created products that can be configured into your Real Food Vending machine, the options are endless. Expect rotating menus of product lists throughout the year along with exciting collaborations with local Australian purveyors that your team can access with a simple tap on an interactive digital screen.

You choose. We make it happen.

The power is in your hands. You decide exactly what you want in your machine to suit your workplace needs and demand. Not to mention that it’s easy and costs 1/100th of a full kitchen investment.

Are you ready to #GetReal with us?

A full list of products can be sent to you upon request and our specialised team is here to walk you through the quick, easy and fun process of owning a Real Food Vending machine for your workplace.

Some of the amazing feedback and benefits from our clients who have a Real Food Vending machine in there workplace,
– 24/7 Service
– Increased Productivity
– Creating a Happier Environment
– Quick, easy yet TASTY meals
– Increased Health
– Provides Convenience for the team
– Education on healthy eating
– Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle
– Providing Healthier Alternatives
– Minimising time away from work station
– Providing the solution every workplace needs




“We are loving the machine and it has definitely added to the employee benefits scheme- employees are enjoying the healthy meals option”.

Reneh, HR manager of Urban Edge Homes


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